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Shipping Discussions

We’re delighted to announce that Luthiers Supplies is now stocking some rather beautiful, and highly sought after woods from Tasmanian Tonewoods. For a long time now we’ve been looking at some outrageously figured Australian timbers with envious eyes. However, the cost of shipping a back and sides set or even a drop top to the other side of the world can be very expensive – who knew!? After some in-depth discussions with Robert at Tasmanian Tonewoods, we had a rough idea of the timbers we wanted, but also let him throw some suggestions our way, mostly of things we’d never heard of! Once the deal was sealed, we had a small pallet filled up and shipped to us. I have to add at this point, the cargo ship took over 60 days to get here and it felt like an eternity!

Wind-blown Blackwood Tasmanian Wood

Crowbar in Action

Upon arrival, the next job was to actually try and get into the crate that Robert had constructed for the timbers. It was sealed up tighter than Fort Knox! However, Andrew saw this as his time to shine and promptly appeared with the largest crowbar I’ve ever seen! Armed with a tool that even the greek gods would have been proud of, it was still no mean feat to get the crate open. Fair play Robert – no one can knock your packing skills!

Discovering Treasure

Once opened we all proceeded to marvel at the glorious treasures inside. As is this case with figured wood, pictures never seem to do them justice, and so for the next half hour we were all gathered in the yard, handing round all the amazing pieces that Robert had selected for us. Birdseye Jarrah, Flame Jarrah, Tear Drop Eucalyptus, York Gum Burl, Figured Myrtle, Macracarpa and of course the crown jewel – Tasmanian Blackwood!

Reassuring Credentials

Robert at Tasmanian Tonewoods came highly recommended to us. Not only by the few builders in the UK who has used him, but also by people we know out in Australia. His reputation in the industry is exemplary and he has served some rather big clients over the years – Fender and Taylor Guitars included!

We weren’t aware, until talking with Robert, that there was such a big problem in Tasmania with illegal logging of their very precious, and expensive woods. It gave us great comfort to hear that not only is all timber at Tasmanian Tonewoods legally sourced, but Robert actually works along side the relevant authorities to try and help clamp down on this illegal logging. Going even further, most, if not all of Roberts timbers these days are actually salvaged. So no tree’s have been cut down specifically for your blackwood back and sides or york gum burl top.

Looking Forward

With stock like York Gum Burl from the first shipment already selling – be sure to get in touch with us, or view our catalogue to see some of these amazing timbers we have in stock. We’re currently putting together plans for our next order with Tasmanian Tonewoods and we’re excited to see what other goodies Robert can find for us!

For more information about Robert Macmillan and Tasmanian Tonewoods please click HERE

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