We frequently re-saw billets of wood that customers may have sourced elsewhere and then find they don’t have the means to process that billet on their machines.

Re sawing is a skill in itself. Not only do you need a large enough machine that’s well set up, adequate extraction, a well made blade and sturdy fence, you need to know feed rates and how much material the kerf of the blade will remove each time – this can be the difference between getting an extra top, or set of sides out of a piece of wood and thus minimising wastage.

Accurate re-sawing can be undertaken by us on pieces up to 400mm wide.

Wood Planing

We can also provide a thickness sanding / planing service on pieces up to the same width.

We are equipped not only with a double drum sander, but also a very large surface planer and a spiral ‘thicknesser’. This allows us to accurately thickness down even the most figured of woods with minimal tear out.

Once your piece of timber has been re sawn and or ‘thicknessed’ it is then shipped back to you.

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