Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst we are always happy to answer any questions, below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked queries regarding timber and ordering.

Please follow the directions on our How to Order page

Yes, please follow the directions on the Book a Visit page

Wood is a natural product and is shaped by the environment around it. Every piece will be unique and even consecutive cuts from the same billet will look slightly different. The pictures on this website are a guide only. They are fair representations of their respective species. If you would like something more specific, e.g – more ‘purple’ in your rosewood fingerboards, please mention this when placing an order.

Please see our Returns Policy here

Wood, like everything else, is getting more and more expensive. In order to keep our prices competitive, we sometimes nestle neck blanks together to ensure there is very little waste. If you have received a pre glued body blank from us with material removed from the waist area, don’t be alarmed. This is usually a knot that has been removed in order to take as much stress out of the body blank as possible and thus keep it stable.

Put your order together as normal from our catalogue, then simply tell us this in the ‘any other comments / notes’ section what dimensions you require. Please note all over-sized blanks are subject to an additional cost.

No, unfortunately we can only slot the scale lengths listed on our site here

If your order has been damaged in transit, we will replace it like for like or with the closest possible piece. Please see our Returns Policy.

Unless previously discussed, ALL the wood we supply has been dried and is ready to work as soon as you receive it. We can test moisture content for you, and given time provide material at the moisture content you specify. We recommend that you remove all packaging as soon as possible and appropriately store the wood in the space you intend to build your instrument for as long as possible, so it has time to acclimatise. Luthiers Supplies cannot accept liability for the condition of your wood order if it has not been properly checked or stored within 5 days of receiving it.

Preferably in a dry place with no direct heat source, e.g – not face on towards a radiator. Its best to keep wood with even air flow around it, or close piled with a flat weight on top.

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