BBS50 – Baked Mahogany Body Blank ‘A’


1 piece baked khaya mahgoany body blank.
510 x 360 x 41.8mm – however there is a slight cupping which once planed out means it will just over 40mm thick.

A very light bake to darken the colour slightly, but this also stops the grain from fluffing which khaya can be partial to when working.

Weighing in at 36lbs / CuFt this will make a S type body of just of 6lbs in weight depending on routes etc…

PLEASE NOTE: Khaya Ivorensis is now listed on CITES appendix 2 and requires a permit for export. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this item for sale outside of the UK. However, you are welcome to contact us should you require advice in obtaining a permit for export if your finished instrument is being shipped abroad. We are always happy to help.

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