Swann Morton Scalpel Blades
Carbon steel, 4 different shapes, each in packs of 5. Very useful for cutting veneers, Lute roses and other fine work.
TL900 No 10 0.90
TL903 No 15 0.90

Swann Morton 'Supatool' Blades
For general craft work.
TL906 S 0.50
TL907 T 0.50
TL908 V 0.50
TL909 W 0.50

TL920 Octagonal wooden handle for TL919 2.75

Purfling Cutters
TL922 'IBEX' PURFLING CUTTER Brass with Cherry wood handle and 2 cutters.
Well made and excellent value for money.

'Ibex' Thumb Planes
Precision miniature planes with a slightly convex bottom surface. For use on Archtop Jazz Guitar fronts and backs, etc.
TL926 Length 25mm Blade width 8mm 52.80
TL927 Length 36mm Blade width 12mm 57.20
TL928 Length 46mm Blade width 18mm 66.00

Toothed Blades for 'Ibex' Thumb Planes
TL930 Blade width 8mm 9.10
TL931 Blade width 12mm 9.10
TL932 Blade width 18mm 9.10

Fret Files
With 'Cut' on 2 edges. Supplied with handle
TL960 Medium gauge 30.80
TL961 Large gauge 30.80

"3-in-1" Fretfile
TL962 Cleverly designed offset handle holds inter-changeable "Burrs". Supplied with fine, medium and large gauge "Burrs" 46.00
TL967 Spare 'Burrs'for "3-in-1" Fretfile, Fine Gauge 9.00
TL968 Spare 'Burrs' for "3-in-1" Fretfile, Medium Gauge 9.45
TL969 Spare 'Burrs'for "3-in-1" Fretfile, Large Gauge 9.90

Fret Slot Saw
TL970 Stiff backed with wooden handle. Dressed for fret tang width 16.70

Jewellers Piercing Saw Frame
TL972 Essential for cutting and shaping thin materials e.g. bone, veneer, M.o.P, metal and wood 12.00
TL975 Pack (x12) of No 2 blade, for the above, medium 4.20

Fret Tang Cutters
TL981 Undercuts fret tang. Ideal for bound f/boards 69.30
TL982 As above, for jumbo fretwires 69.30

'Ibex' Bending Iron
TL984 Cast aluminium ovoid shaped tube for heat bending guitar, violin and viola sides, with thermostat control (can be clamped for either upright or horizontal use). Please note; although correct UK voltage, this product comes supplied with U.S.A 2-pin plug. 195.00

TL990 Lute/Violin peg hole. 1:30 taper 55.00
TL991 Bridge pin hole. Tapers from 3mm to 12mm over 90mm length 8.00

Lute/Violin/Viola Peg Shaver
TL992 Heavy duty aluminium and steel. Works like a pencil sharpener 51.40

Lightweight Aluminium Long Reach Bridge Clamp
TL994 6" throat depth, 2" clamping depth O/S

Thicknessing Calipers
TL995 Top quality die-cast frame, 320mm throat. O/S

Toolu's Radius Blocks
High quality, double sided blocks, made from responsibly sourced steamed beech hardwood, manufactured in the UK.
TL996A Block 'A' measures 7.25" on one side & 9.5" on the other side. 26.40
TL996B Block 'B' measures 10" on one side & 12" on the other side. 26.40
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