Stains, Fillers, Glues, etc.

Light Fast Stains
Miscible with either cellulose or melamine lacquers
    125ml 500ml
LSG1025 Red 4.75 16.80
LSG1026 Yellow 4.75 16.80
LSG1027 Brown 4.75 16.80
LSG1028 Blue 4.75 16.80
LSG1029 Black 4.75 16.80
LSG1030 Rosewood 4.75 16.80

Thixotropic Fillers
For filling open wood grain
LSG1035 350g Mahogany 6.75
LSG1036 350g Transparent 6.75
LSG1037 350g Walnut 6.75
LSG1038 350g Dark Rosewood 11.00

Black Paste Mix
LSG1039 50g For filling around Ebony inlay work. Mix with water 3.25

Burnishing Cream
LSG1048 250ml Fine liquid abrasive for cellulose and melamine lacquer 7.50

LSG1053 250g Waterproof glue. Mix with water 4.35

The best all round wood glue. Fast grab. Dries harder than white PVA
LSG1055 8oz. With nozzle. Keep to refill. 4.95
LSG1056 litre 5.50
LSG1057 1 litre 10.40
LSG1058 1 US Gallon 31.20
LSG1059 2 x 1 US Gallon 60.00

Rabbit skin glue
LSG1061 250g 7.00
LSG1062 500g 12.00
LSG1063 1 kg 22.90

LSG1064 UHU (Hart). Glue for plastic bindings. 4.50

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