Purfling & Banding
All dimensions are in mm. All lengths are 800mm, unless otherwise stated. Please note that all photos are approximately two times magnification, and are for illustrative purposes only. Colours of all purflings, bandings and rosettes may vary between batches.

Laminations Of Wood or Fibre.
B1 bwbwbw 2.5h x 3.5w 1.85
B2 bwbwbw 2.5h x 2.1w 1.85
B3 bwbwb 2.5h x 2.8w 1.35
B4 bwbwb 2.5h x 1.5w 1.35
B5 bwbw 2.5h x 2.4w 1.25
B6 bwbw 6.0h x 1.4w 1.25
B7 bwbw 2.5h x 1.2w 1.25
B8 bwb 3.0h x 2.5w 1.25
B9 bwb 2.5h x 2.0w 1.10
B10 bwb 2.5h x 1.7w 0.95
B10A bwb 2.5h x 1.85w 0.95
B11 bwb 2.5h x 1.3w 0.95
B12 bwb 2.5h x 1.1w 0.95
B13 bwb 2.5h x 0.9w 0.95
B14 wbw 3.0h x 1.5w 1.10
B15 wbw 4.0h x 1.1w 1.10
B16 wbw 2.5h x 1.2w 0.95
B17 wbw 2.5h x 0.9w 0.95
B18 BrwBr 2.5h x 1.5w 1.25
B19 wBrw 2.5h x 1.9w 1.25
B20 bPearb 2.5h x 1.3w 1.25
B21 bPearb 2.5h x 1.1w 1.25
B22 bw 2.5h x 0.9w 0.95
B24 bwBrwb 2.5h x 2.0w 1.55

Flats and Squares
In Maple or black dyed Maple, unless otherwise stated.
B30 black 1.0h x 6.0w 0.80
B31 white 1.0h x 6.0w 0.80
B32 black 1.0h x 2.7w 0.70
B33 white 1.0h x 2.7w 0.70
B34 black 0.6h x 1.5w 0.70
B35 white 0.6h x 1.5w 0.70
B36 Ebony 1.0h x 2.7w 2.05
B37 Ebony 0.7h x 1.8w 1.80
B38 Holly 2.5h x 2.5w 0.95
B39 Holly 1.1h x 2.7w 0.95
B42 Rosewood 0.6h x 2.7w 0.70
B43 Box 0.6h x 2.7w 0.70
B44 black 0.6h x 2.7w 0.70
B45 white 0.6h x 2.7w 0.70
B46 black 2.5h x 2.5w 1.00
B47 Box 2.5h x 2.5w 1.00
B48 black 1.5h x 1.5w 0.75
B49 Box 1.5h x 1.5w 0.75
B50 Rosewood 1.5h x 1.5w 1.05
B51 black 1.0h x 1.0w 0.70
B52 white 1.0h x 1.0w 0.70
B53 Rosewood 1.0h x 1.0w 0.90
B54 Box 1.0h x 1.0w 0.70
B55 Walnut 1.0h x 1.0w 0.75
B56 Padauk 1.0h x 1.0w 0.75

Fibre/Plastic Purfling and Banding
N.B Fibre is as flexible as plastic and glues like wood.
B58a White Fibre 875 x 2.5 x 1.0 (good bone ivory colour/texture) 0.60
B58b Black Fibre 875 x 2.0 x 1.0 0.70
B58c Black Fibre 1660 x 7.0 x 1.5 4.60
B59 bwbw Fibre 1660 x 6 x 2.00 5.45
B60 bwbw Plastic 3.5h x 2.0w (in continuous reels, and available in multiples of 1 metre) 6.00 per metre
B61a bw Fibre 1630 x 6.0h x 1.0w 3.35
B61b bw Fibre 1660 x 2.5h x 1.1w 3.00
B61c bwb Fibre 1660 x 1.8h x 1.0w 3.45
B62 white 13.0h x 2.0w 8.40
B63 white 1600 x 7.0h x 2.0w 6.15
B64 white 1600 x 7.0h x 1.5w 5.00
B65 white 1370 x 7.0h x 1.0w 3.00
B66 white 1370 x 7.0h x 0.75w 2.80
B67 white 1370 x 7.0h x 0.5w 3.00
B68 black 1600 x 7.0h x 2.0w 6.15
B69 black 1600 x 7.0h x 1.5w 5.00
B70 black 1370 x 7.0h x 1.0w 3.00
B71 black 1370 x 7.0h x 0.75w 2.80
B72 black 1370 x 7.0h x 0.5w 2.50
B76 cream 1690 x 7.0h x 1.5w 6.15
B78 pale cream 1370 x 6.0h x 1.5w 4.00
B81 Imitation tortoiseshell 1370 x 7.0h x 1.5w 5.00
B82 Pearloid 1330 x 7.0h x 1.5w 5.00
B83 Ivoroid (yellowish/cream, with 'grain' lines). 1540 x 6.0h x 1.5w 7.15

Herringbone etc.
For numbers B90/1/2/3, order separate edges from 'flats' B42/3/4/5.

*Please note the following items are out of stock and due to supplier issues we will not have for the forseeable future.
B90 2.5h x 2.8w 3.95
B91 2.5h x 2.8w 3.95 - *Out of Stock
B92 2.5h x 2.5w 3.95 - *Out of Stock
B93 2.5h x 2.5w 3.95 - *Out of Stock
B94 2.5h x 3.1w 3.95 - *Out of Stock
B95 2.5h x 3.1w 3.95
B97 2.5h x 3.5w 3.85 - *Out of Stock
B98 2.5h x 2.7w 3.40
B99 2.5h x 2.1w 3.40
B100 2.5h x 3.2w 3.85
B101 2.5h x 2.1w 3.40

Bandings - Wood
All 6 or 7mm x 2mm x 800mm
B109 Rocklite + Box 3.65
B110 Rosewood + wbw 3.40
B111 Rosewood + bwb 3.40
B112 Rosewood + white 3.30
B114 Rosewood
Indian or Santos
B115 Maple + bwbw 2.90
B116 Maple + bwb 2.90
B117 Maple 1.50
B118 Ebony or Rocklite 3.40
B119 Satinwood 3.20
B120 Padauk 1.85
B121 Holly 2.15
B122 Walnut 1.85
B123 Mahogany 1.60
B124 Box 1.85
B125 Flamed maple 2.15
B126 Wenge 1.95
B127 Purpleheart 1.85

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