Papers, Oils, Polishes, etc.

Belt Abrasive Paper
Very useful for sanding curves e.g. guitar necks, or glued to a straight edge for jointing
N.B. square foot widths vary.
POP1070 Medium grade £1.75
POP1071 Coarse grade £1.75

Garnet Paper
For general wood sanding
POP1072 280 grade - finest £0.85
POP1073 240 grade £0.85
POP1074 220 grade £0.85
POP1075 180 grade £0.75
POP1076 150 grade £0.85
POP1077 100 grade £0.85
POP1078 80 grade - coarsest £0.85

Superior abrasive, long lasting. For the finest finishes, in 9 Grades from 1500 to 12,000 Grit
POP1079A Economical kit comprising all 9 Grades, each 150mm x 75mm £15.50
POP1079B Professional supply. Any one individual grade - please state which. Each 150mm x 600mm £14.75
POP1079C Foam sanding block for micromesh £3.50

Tru Oil
A wood finish developed for use on gun stocks. Gives a beautiful durable finish and will adhere well to Rosewood.
Stewart Adamson uses Tru Oil on his Classical Guitars and the procedure is described in his article “Well oiled with Adamson”. We will send you the article on receipt of an A4 s.a.e.
POP1079D Tru Oil, 125ml £8.10
POP1079E Tru Oil, 250ml £12.00
POP1079F Tru Oil, 1/2 litre £17.90
POP1079G Tru Oil sealer and grain filler. 90ml bottle £9.20

Finishing Paper
For final flatting of varnishes and lacquers. Best used with soapy water as a lubricant
POP1080 1200 grade £1.30

Lubrasil Paper
Self-lubricating, for use between coats of lacquer
POP1081 320 grade - finest £1.30
POP1082 240 grade £1.30

Wire Wool
For final flatting of varnishes and lacquers. Best used with soapy water as a lubricant
450g 0000 grade - finest £10.00
POP1083(small) 225g 0000 grade - finest £6.40
POP1084 400g 000 grade - medium £6.40
POP1085 400g 00 grade - coarse £5.10

POP1086 Tak Rag. For cleaning surfaces prior to lacquering £1.50
POP1090 Lemon Oil. 50ml. The fingerboard treatment! £6.25
POP1096 Elastic Bands. 1lb box. 8". Heavy duty, useful for many assembly and glueing processes £7.70

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